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Asset Management Cover Letter Example

by Charles Nwabueze
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Asset Management Cover Letter Example

Below is an anonymised cover letter example. If curious to see 100+ cover letters, applications and interview testimonials for the largest asset managers, investment banks, Private Equity firms and other financial institutions follow this link. Also, by registering on Congrapps, you get to access some of them for free!


Mr Brad Reynolds
Graduate Recruitment & Development Manager
Gold Asset Management Ltd

Dear Mr Brad Reynolds,

Further to your advertisement on, I would like to apply for the Asset Manager position offered by your firm with the start date of December 2022. I graduated with First Class Honors in my finance degree as an undergraduate and finished with a Second Class Upper in my MBA both from the University of ChingChang, UK. After my Masters at ChingChang, I subsequently moved to Spain where I interned for a firm assigned the responsibility of managing the assets dedicated to the production of the award-winning TV Series, Money Heist. 

A few years ago, I became curious about the connection between good stewardship of the investment of the financial assets of a company or individual and the growth of that financial company or individual. Furthering my understanding of this concept was the underlying reason why I jumped at the opportunity to intern in Spain after I gained my degrees. Through autodidacticism, I further understood the factors that may affect a client’s current asset status, future needs, and investment goals.

Consequently, I am applying to Gold Asset Management because I believe that my development as an excellent asset manager is assured. My belief is built on the level of support available at Gold Asset Management through the university dedicated to employees, the Graduate Recruitment & Development team, Learning & Development team, the flexible working scheme, and the meritocratic culture practised. For example, I noted that within two years of being employed, overachieving staff are considered for promotion. 

Secondly, I am applying to Gold Asset Management because I believe that I possess the skills necessary to be successful in the advertised role and the skill to attain any lacking competence if there be. I possess the soft skills necessary to help oversee and solve clients’ issues. For example, in my role as an asset management intern, I effectively monitored and evaluated market trends, recommended stocks and bonds and created portfolio mixes that best-suited clients’ financial situations. By using a creative approach and taking the initiative when dealing with clients I helped my employer save thousands of pounds and gain customer loyalty.

While I may not be the perfect candidate, I do believe that if given the platform to train at Gold Asset Management I will help craft the future of Gold Asset Management and its clients.

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Freckle 

Below are some steps that will help you on your journey to create an excellent asset management cover letter (like the one above).

Step 1 Research

Before you even set your fingers on your keyboard or put pen to paper you should research the firm you intend to apply to. In your research, you should adopt the objectives of knowing everything there is to know about the company: culture, values, hierarchy, clients and the department or person that will receive your cover letter. Carrying out research will help you with the words that you will use to woo the company in your letter. 

Step 2 Highlight Key Details in the Job Description that match your experience

Study and understand the description of the advertised role. Most asset management positions will display the skills, requirements, duties and responsibilities expected of someone taking up the role. You must determine if you satisfy the aforementioned factors. In doing this I’ll advocate you make a list of mutual skills and the like that you share with the company; by doing this you’ll remember to signpost them in your cover letter.

Step 3 Contact information

I believe it shows excellence when you incorporate the contact information for the hiring manager into your letter. Yes, you might not be writing a physical letter but the rules of a formal letter still apply. Include the hiring manager’s first and last name, title, the name of the company and the company’s address. You may also add your contact information. This can be optional where you have previously provided your contact information elsewhere. 

Step 4 Address the Recruiter Formally

If you have found out the name of the recruiting manager address the person with a formal greeting. Use their title and name (you can use just their last name or full name). Use “Dear” as a greeting, and include a comma after the name. Whereupon your research did not throw up the name of the hiring manager, it’s acceptable to use “Dear Hiring Manager” instead. 

Step 5 Introductory Paragraph

In a world where recruiters have an infinite pool of potential candidates to choose from it is paramount that you deliver an introductory paragraph that is more substantial, effective, and engaging to the person(s) reading your letter that can satisfy their hungry brains. Look at the example we provided above; in just a paragraph our fictitious candidate has excellently provided the recruiter with the following information: the role being applied for, where she found the advertisement, her education and powerful results, her work experience, and bravery to leave her comfort zone  

Step 6 State why you are interested in Being an Asset Manager

You should dedicate a paragraph telling them why you are interested in being an asset manager. To create an endearing paragraph you should be genuine in what drives you forward in your pursuit to become an asset manager. Use language that highlights how you have come into the field of asset management.

Step 7 Why That Company

Every asset management company is unique and if you fail to show that you are in touch with their uniqueness through your cover letter, your application will most likely fail. For each firm you are applying to you should use the information you got from your research to show them you are in the know of what their practice areas are, what makes them unique, their reputation, and so forth.

Step 8 Why You 

You must differentiate yourself from the rest by showcasing your experience & qualifications and how they will benefit the company. In one or two paragraphs display your skills or abilities that you feel make you the ideal candidate for the position. If you have experience in investment banking, private equity, and venture capital or with financial modelling, forecasting, and risk management talk about it. 

Step 9 Conclusion Paragraph 

In your conclusion, use action words telling the recruiter what you want, when you are available and that you are looking forward to hearing from them. Remember to sign off your letter as you would do in a formal letter. 

Step 10 Proofread & Review

After you finish writing, proofread your letter and ask someone to read it also. Make as many corrections as necessary. 


Charles is a writer, practising lawyer and personal trainer who loves learning and developing himself. He graduated from Middlesex University, London with eight first-class grades in the second and third years of his law degree, and received a postgraduate offer from Cambridge University. He loves strength training, boxing and encouraging people to succeed in their pursuits (legal ones)


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