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The best ways to market your consulting services

by Minoas Vitalis
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There’s no one answer to this question – it depends on your specific business and target market. However, there are 21 general tips that can help you get started marketing your consulting services.

1. Start with your existing network.

Your existing contacts are a great starting point for finding new clients. Let your friends, family, and professional contacts know that you’re available for consulting work. You can also join relevant online communities and forums, and participate in local networking events.

2. Create a website or blog.

Having an online presence is essential for any business these days. A website or blog is a great way to showcase your skills and attract new clients. Make sure to include clear information about your services, rates, and contact details.

3. Write articles or whitepapers.

If you can demonstrate your expertise with well-written articles or whitepapers, potential clients will be more likely to hire you. You can publish your articles on your website or blog, or submit them to online publications.

4. Speak at events.

Speaking engagements are a great way to raise your profile and attract new clients. Look for opportunities to give talks or lead workshops at relevant conferences and meetups.

5. Get involved in social media.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and it’s free! Make sure to set up profiles on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and actively engage with potential clients.

6. Run online ads.

Online advertising can be an effective way to reach your target market. Look into using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to promote your consulting services.

7. Send email newsletters.

Email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with past and current clients, as well as potential new ones. Include helpful articles, case studies, and special offers in your newsletter to encourage people to hire you.

8. Offer free consultations.

Free consultations are a great way to get potential clients interested in your services. Be sure to follow up after the consultation to discuss further engagement.

9. Use direct mail.

Direct mail can be an effective way to reach potential clients, especially if you target specific businesses or individuals. Include a brochure or flyer about your services, and be sure to follow up with a phone call or email.

10. Give away freebies.

Everyone loves free stuff! Offering relevant freebies (e.g., an e-book on starting a business) can be a great way to attract attention and get people interested in your services.

11. Sponsor an event.

Sponsoring an event related to your industry is a great way to get exposure for your business. You can also host your own events, such as workshops or webinars.

12. Get involved with charity work.

Doing pro bono or charity work is a great way to give back and also attract new clients. Many people are interested in working with businesses that have a philanthropic side.

13. Write guest posts.

Guest posting on other blogs or websites is a great way to get your name out there and attract new readers to your own site. Look for opportunities to write about topics related to your business or industry.

14. Make use of PR.

Getting featured in the news is a great way to raise your profile and attract new clients. You can hire a PR firm to help you, or try to get press coverage on your own by reaching out to relevant media outlets.

15. Use testimonials and case studies.

Testimonials and case studies are a great way to show potential clients what you can do. Be sure to include positive reviews from past clients on your website or blog, and showcase any impressive results you’ve achieved in previous projects.

16. Attend trade shows and conferences.

Trade shows and conferences are great places to network and meet potential new clients. Look for events that are relevant to your industry, and make sure to have plenty of business cards on hand!

17. Get involved with local business groups.

Joining a local business group is a great way to get connected with other businesses in your area. You can also look into Chamber of Commerce meetings or Rotary Club events.

18. Give presentations.

Giving presentations is a great way to show off your expertise and attract new clients. You can give talks at local events or meetups, or even offer to give presentations at businesses or organisations.

19. Make use of online directories.

There are many online directories that list businesses in specific industries. Make sure your business is listed in relevant directories so potential clients can find you easily.

20. Use Referral Programs.

Referral programs are a great way to encourage current clients to promote your business to their friends and colleagues. You can offer discounts or other incentives for people who refer new clients to you.

21. Optimise Your Website for SEO

Making sure your website is optimised for search engines is a great way to attract new clients. Use relevant keywords on your site, and make sure your content is high-quality and informative.


There you have it! The top 21 ways to market your consulting services and get clients in the door. By utilising these marketing strategies, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition and attract high-quality clients that are a perfect fit for your business. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start marketing your consulting services like a pro!

Minoas graduated with a Merit upon studying the full-time MPA Public Administration – International Development degree (MPA-ID) at the University of York. He is currently working as a freelance EU affairs consultant in Belgium.
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