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The Congrapps Guide

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We started Congrapps with a mission to revolutionise a rather fragmented and inefficient, in our view, industry. Graduate Recruitment relies on an outdated checklist approach which favours those from privileged backgrounds or people lucky enough to have access to more and better quality of information.

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Our personal journey inspired us to share our learnings in a way that can impact as many people as possible.

We do this by collecting and giving you access to what you need the most – what is missing from the internet – 100% verified previously successful applications.

To get the most out of our platform, we drafted this guide to address some of the most common questions we received from our users.


Preview Questions

While companies offer numerous schemes, the application questions tend to stay the same. We added the option to preview the questions asked in the application form to help you get a better overview of where you can find what you are looking for.

A spring scheme for example may be asking the same questions as the summer analyst application form.

Similar for law firms and consultancies. Content and knowledge are transferable.


Reverse Engineer the applications

The applications you view on Congrapps are finished products. When reading for the first it’s always useful to approach them from the perspective of the recruiter. What are the points that captured your attention? What was the respective applicant’s selling point? Was there anything you felt was missing? Would you like to know more about that applicant? These are the questions you should also ask yourself.

The best analogy in our view is a game of tennis. The person who serves the ball has an advantage as it sets the pace of the round.

Similarly, a cover letter or your answers to the application question are your way to guide the recruiter on how they should interpret your grades or achievements. It is the glue that puts things into perspective.

Connect the dots in an interesting way to unlock your potential.  Similarly, when viewing past applications, try to identify the different elements of each applications and what the “glue” has been for each applicant.


The commercial aspect of the firm

Every company likes to hear that you have researched them – show for example a deal or a project the company has worked and how it was interesting for you.

This aspect of writing the application usually includes a lot research. You can use Congrapps to compare the different case studies from different applications and pick the one that is the most interesting for you and focus your whole energy on that.

Even further, before you apply, you can see what successful applicants are highlighting in their applications as the benefits of the firm. This can be of great assistance in deciding whether this is the right company for you. Think about it this way – do you see yourself working with the people that wrote these applications? If yes, than utilise it to the fullest potential!


The language

Have you ever thought – this application I will be completely honest and write everything in my own words. Have you ever asked yourself whether this would be appreciated? The answer is different for every company. Some companies are very strict in the format they need their application. For example, addressing it to the right person.

If you spend enough time to dig around and figure out who will be reading your application and address it straight to the them, this shows that you took the time and have good research skills.

While some of the Companies enjoy unique candidates that take a different approach. Use our applications to figure out what pattern works for your dream company.


Phrasing your work experience

Have you worked in a bar or as a cashier? Have you thought about whether you should even write about this experience? A lot of the students have held such a job and even though its not the most corporate internship, a lot of people are managing to convert this into a huge advantage on their applications.

While reading through the Congrapps applications, look out for how people have done this and utilise it to your own advantage!


Each Application is Unique

There are hundreds of thought leaders on the web. While many of the things they preach are true, some are just their own personal experiences.

We have read more than 500 past successful applications and can confidently say that applications stand out for their honesty and uniqueness and not for their strict conformity with what people say on forums.

Keep in mind you have a few hundred words to convey everything about your personality – you are not filling a template form.


Learn from the eyes of another

What people call the benefit of hindsight is simply the ability to identify patterns. You don’t need to apply countless times to get an understanding of the do’s and don’ts of the application process. By previewing the questions answered in each application you can find the ones which will be of the greatest use. For example, you may be interviewing with a company whose applications are listed on Congrapps.

By viewing what people wrote in the application form you can identify characteristics you neglected in your research or never thought may be that important.

The insights you get from the applications in our platform are useful throughout the application process. From CV and Cover Letter stage to the final interview.


Do NOT plagiarise

This should be obvious guys – get serious. Plagiarising can lead to automatic rejection. It’s a shame to waste such unique insights (and money if you chose to purchase credits) for something that may automatically get rejected.


Good Luck with your applications!



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